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The Contemporary Kitchen: Timeless Style


Contemporary style features neutral tones, purified lines and the calm atmosphere they inspire. It is the preferred style for new builds. The contemporary kitchen is a pleasant mix of simplicity, functionality and comfort. West Island Kitchens has mastered the art of contemporary kitchen design in Westmount and surrounding areas. Contact us to tell us about your project

User-Friendly Is Key

The contemporary style is light and airy. Its smooth surfaces, luxury materials and subtle colours make it a good place not only to cook, but also to gather around the kitchen island, have a drink and chat while dinner slowly simmers on the stove.

A Touch of Colour

It only takes a few colourful accessories to completely change the mood in your kitchen. A contemporary kitchen is not overdone and never goes out of style. Add a few chairs, flowers or well-picked decorative accessories in your favourite colour, and your kitchen will be completely transformed.

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