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For an elegant kitchen in your image, come to West Island Kitchens!

cuisine élégante

In the marvelous world of interior design, there are many trends. Some are ephemeral, others timeless; some are rather minimalist, some very audacious. Faced with this range of choices, are you feeling a bit disoriented when selecting the style of your new kitchen? Don’t worry! To help guide you, read what our experts have prepared for you.

What styles of kitchens are available at West Island Kitchens?

Constantly on the lookout for the newest trends, our experienced designers have created 6 categories of styles to guide the design and realization of customized kitchens. Here is a brief overview of each of them.

1. Contemporary: with its neutral tones and clean lines, this style is perfect for owners who are not fond of frills.

2. Modern: with its clear lines, this style provides a sober look very sought after by people with conservative temperament.

3. Classic: with its natural materials and elaborate moldings, this style seduces the followers of a more refined design.

4. Urban: with its elements that evoke the industrial look, this dynamic style is ideal for those who appreciate the hectic life in town.

5. Country: with its woodwork and soft colors, this authentic style appeals to the nostalgic.

6. Transitional: with its elements borrowed from classic and modern kitchens, this hybrid style has everything to fill the undecided!

Between 2 styles, your heart remains undecided? A picture is worth a thousand words: admire the gallery of the superb kitchens we have designed according to the trends most appreciated by our customers.

Why should I opt for high-end materials for my kitchen?

Although they are more economical to buy, low-end products have many disadvantages: they are less resistant to shocks and variations in temperature (and humidity), they are more difficult to clean, they break more easily, etc. Result? You have to replace everything prematurely and, unless you love living in a permanent worksite, it is not very interesting! The solution? Opt for noble materials, durable and easy to maintain!

Your kitchen specialist in Montreal and Fairview

Do you want high quality custom built cupboards and cabinets? Contact us or come and visit our showroom. You think you've seen it all? Remember West Island Kitchens, where we succeed in surprising all our customers - even the most demanding!


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