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Bathroom Renovation Specialists in Montreal

At Cuisines West Island Kitchens, we provide you with designs that combine functionality and aesthetics. From design to conception and execution, we can ensure that the renovation job is performed to your satisfaction. Our designers and workers start by discussing your ideas and needs. We are committed to providing you with a design that fulfils your aspirations while accommodating your specific requirements.


Our designers specialize in bathroom renovations in Montreal and will meet you for a consultation to discuss your tastes and gather all the necessary information to create cabinetry you’ll love. Whatever your style, we’ll put our know-how and expertise to work in providing you a turnkey project and designing, building and installing a custom vanity that is tailored to your preferences. Contact West Island Kitchens to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Why Consider a Bathroom Renovation?

If you feel that your fitting and fixtures have become outdated, we can provide you with a modern design and fixtures to completely transform your bathroom. Whether it is a complete or partial renovation, we can help you design an elegant and modern looking bathroom even with limited space.


Having years of experience in the business, we have acquired the expertise to perform all kinds of renovations efficiently and effectively. Our planners can plan your bathroom as per your needs and requirements. They work dedicatedly to give you a space that is modern, contemporary, and functional. We also have a comprehensive inventory of high-quality faucets, lighting fixtures, tile, and backsplash designs to create a truly unique bath concept.


If you feel like your bathroom does not need a complete overhaul, a simple upgrade of the faucets, cabinets, and fittings can also lend a whole new demeanour to your bathroom. Call us to get a quote.

Contact A Bathroom Contractor Today

With over years of experience serving clients across Quebec, you can entrust your bathroom renovation job with us. We are continually upgrading our inventories and keeping abreast of international design standards to provide our patrons with nothing but the best design solutions. Our broad clientele across Quebec gives a ringing testimony to the quality and efficacy of our services. Call us to know more about our bathroom renovation services.

We provide a large selection of bathroom faucets and sinks.

Find out which materials are best suited for your cabinets and counters.

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