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Your Project, Step by Step

Let West Island Kitchens walk you through the various stages of your custom-made project. For a free estimate, or for more details about our process, please call us today.



One of our designers will take the exact measurements of your room, carefully indicating the locations of doors, windows and architectural elements like beams, steps, etc.



Our experienced designers will take your preferences and budget into account to create custom-made cabinetry for your room. We will make sure it complements your space and the rest of your property’s architecture.


Signing the Contract

We’ll review the design and final choices with you. Once the contract’s been signed, a technician will make an appointment with you and check the measurements one last time.



Once the plans are approved, we’ll start manufacturing your cabinetry piece by piece from the materials you selected beforehand. Our manufacturing facilities are located on Rue Bessette in Saint-Laurent.



Our team will come to install your new custom-made cabinetry. The result: a turnkey service to simply make your dream kitchen, bathroom or special project a focal point of your home or office.

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