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The Country Kitchen: A Breath of Nostalgia


Aged wood, natural stone, earth tones… These are the mainstays of the country-style kitchen, also known as rustic or Victorian style. The casual elegance of this kitchen invites you to light up the stove and concoct some hearty comfort food. At West Island Kitchens, you’ll get a personalized kitchen to suit your style and preferences, whether you’re in Westmount, Kirkland or surrounding areas.

A Tribute to Wood

With country style, wood is the main feature: on the floors, cabinets, walls and even counters! A block of solid wood installed as a counter will give your kitchen a dose of authenticity and nostalgia. Wood is always charming in a country kitchen, whether you want a modern or old-fashioned look.


Country style is a departure from immaculate white kitchens, adding tones of blue, ochre, cream and pale green. Wood cabinets are decorated with brass or wrought iron handles.


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