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Start Planning Your Dream Room

At West Island Kitchens, we strive to give you valuable support. Our ultimate goal is to bring you results that exceed your expectations. To do so, we’ve prepared some tools that will help us design your cabinetry before we build it. Please print and fill out our grid and bring it with you to your first appointment. If you have any questions, just give us a call.

A Few Online Tools to Help You Choose

Before taking measurements

Think about the following items to better visualize your dream room in order to prepare for your first consultation:

1. What is your project (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.)?

2. Would you like to have a breakfast nook in your kitchen?
3. What do you like about your current kitchen? What don’t you like?
4. Is there a particular item you’ve seen that you’d like to integrate into your new kitchen?
5. What type of cabinets would you like for your home or office?

6. What material would you like for your counter (quartz, Corian®, granite, marble, etc.)?
7. What material would you like for your kitchen backsplash ?
8. Do you have any specific storage needs?
9. What appliances will you use?

10. What is your budget?

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