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The Modern Kitchen: For a Minimalist Look


Step into the modern era with West Island Kitchens, your preferred designer for a modern kitchen in the Montreal area. The modern style features clean lines, a minimalist feel and neutral tones. Smooth textures and cleverly placed lighting are among the elements that define this style.

Bold Minimalism

Glossy cabinets, metallic handles and subdued colours: the modern kitchen has a minimalist look that is made to stay that way. Sleek surfaces and stainless steel help natural light illuminate the space and add a subtle urban-industrial touch to your decor.

Well-Defined Spaces

Modern designs are refined, structured and well-defined, giving the impression that everything has its place. The modern style features straight angles and discreet yet deliberate lighting.

Would you like to learn more about this distinctive style?  Contact the professionals at West Island Kitchens.

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