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Maintenance Made Easy

To help keep your cabinets looking new, West Island Kitchens has listed the basic steps for simple and effective cleaning. To learn more about the best way to maintain your cabinets, contact us.

Hassle-Free Cleaning Tips for All Types of Cabinets

Wood Cabinets

Clean with a damp cloth and slightly soapy water.

Rub lightly with a soft cloth, following the grain of the wood.
Wipe off any excess water with a soft clean cloth.

Glass Cabinets

Use a cloth or paper towel and a small amount of window cleaner to clean glass cabinets. Don’t spray the product or water directly on the glass as this could damage the surrounding wood.

Regular Dusting

You only need to wipe the outside surface of your cabinets with a dry cloth to keep them clean. We recommend also wiping them with a damp cloth from time to time.

We don’t recommend using abrasive products or fabrics on your cabinets, regardless of the material from which they are made. Avoid reusing cloths that have been used for dishes or other items to prevent grease or other detergents from leaving streaks on your cabinets.

Print out our handy grid to prepare for your consultation.


Take a look at the main stages involved in making your cabinetry.

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