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Integrated Furniture and Walk-in Closets by West Island Kitchens

Would you like to make the most of your space and transform it into a functional and beautiful living space? At Cuisines West Island Kitchens, we can assist you in doing just that. We offer bespoke built-in furniture and walk-in closets in Montreal. When providing you with home solutions, we place your comfort, convenience and preferences above everything else. 
In addition to built-in furniture and walk-in closets in Montreal, we can help you with kitchen cabinets, outdoor kitchens and bathroom renovations. We'd be delighted to discuss your next project with you today!  
Check our blog to learn about the cabinets and walk-in closets.  



What Is Built-in Furniture? 

In contrast to free-standing furniture, integrated or built-in furniture is a part of the house's structure itself. The chief feature of our built-in furniture in Montreal is that it allows a seamless transition between spaces, creating coherence in your decor. Since built-in furniture can cover an entire wall without making the room look small, they're an excellent way to add more storage without the clunkiness of free-standing furniture. 
We're excited to discuss your ideas for your renovation! We can also outfit your home with elegant kitchen cabinetry, ranging from urban to classic.   


The Benefits of Walk-in Closets  

Cuisines West Island Kitchens believes that you deserve a closet where you can store your clothes and find a moment of peace to prepare for the day. Walk-in closets have numerous benefits, such as: 

  • Privacy: Walk-in closets are just the answer for those who hold their privacy dear. They can give you a sealed-off place to change, choose outfits, or even ruminate, even when there are people in your room.  
  • Security in storage: You can use this type of closet to store items that require added security, such as your jewellery. The door will be an added protection, a feature you will not find in regular closets.  
  • Efficient organization: Is your current closet always messy no matter how much you clean because of the lack of space? A walk-in closet with more space and added organizational features might be the answer. 
  • Increased value: A beautifully detailed custom walk-in closet will add immense value to your property. It will make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the market, should you wish to sell it.  

These are some of the many benefits of our walk-closets in Montreal. We can also provide you with numerous kitchen accessories for your renovation.  

Get in Touch

To maximize space while adding style to your room, consider Cuisines West Island Kitchens’ integrated furniture. You’ll never have as much storage space as custom, built-in furniture for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. 
Have you always dreamed of having a walk-in closet? We also manufacture walk-in closets that are customized for your bedroom. For more information, contact our specialists. 

Quartz, granite, Corian®: find out which materials are best for your counters and cabinets.

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Quartz, granite, Corian®: find out which materials are best for your counters and cabinets.

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