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Do You Want a Functional Kitchen? Avoid These Mistakes!

interior view of a kitchen

Though your kitchen may have the latest versions of appliances and a decoration of the most recent trend, it will still make your life difficult if it is not functional… You are about to build or renovate your house and you want your kitchen to be high-class? At West Island Kitchens, we can help you design a room that reflects your personality and where all the storage and working areas are wisely planned. Interested? Read on to learn more!

What are the mistakes to avoid when renovating a kitchen?

A kitchen’s renovation is a major investment — no room for errors! Unfortunately, people often forget to consider some important aspects when making their plans or get carried away by esthetic yet impractical ideas. Here are some examples of decisions that are, to say the least, unfortunate:

  • Installing cabinets that are so high that upper shelves are unreachable (unless you like to walk on stilts!);

  • Installing a rack for pans too close to a countertop (say hello to head bumps!);

  • Choosing an oversized kitchen island that prevents you from opening your dishwasher’s door or your oven (unless you can wind like a serpent!);

  • Choosing a gigantic— and spectacular — antique-looking stove that forces you to sacrifice a lot of storage space.

You wish to avoid any missteps during your kitchen’s renovation? Trust the professionals!

To get all the advantages a functional kitchen has to offer, count on our expertise. Our experienced designers will present you with a fully customized solution, taking into account your needs, style preferences (urban, modern, contemporary, country, transitional or classic), budget and schedule. Creative and meticulous, they will concentrate on making your new kitchen an ergonomic, practical and elegant space where you will want to spend time. Even more, consider that when a space is wisely used, the risks of accidents are significantly reduced—another reason to entrust us with the design of your new kitchen.

At West Island Kitchens, a company based in Kirkland serving clients in Montreal, Pointe-Claire and surroundings, our team specialises in customized kitchen’s designs (cabinets, cupboards, etc.). Our mission? To create harmonious rooms where it is easy to move around, prepare meals and store food and other products. Communicate with us to schedule an appointment!


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